The huge expectations of salon owners……

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As a salon owner you have so many jobs to juggle many of them you have received or little training to do. Cutting and colouring is where your professional skills lie. I started to think this when I visited my daughters school last week. I went in to book an appointment pay her dance lesson fees and lastly discuss her progression in Maths.


The appointment was made with the receptionist ….in a small salon having a receptionist is a luxury and not always viable. Stylist multi task paying attention to their current clients as well as making appointments and answering the phone.


Next I was directed to the finance office who processed the payment and ensured this was all calculated on the system for the end of day/month. As we know it is usually the salon owner who is expected to balance the books as well as order the stock.


Finally I spoke to her maths teacher , a lovely lady who was under a little pressure remembering exactly who my child was! She explained it was her first term and snowed under. As salon owners we have to have fantastic memories and the ability to multitask from one role to another.


Recruitment is one area I am able to support you with. It’s not salon owners “fault” that they are not able to wright engaging adverts . This is something you have had no training in . To help with this we have made an form that is easy to use and takes you through all the steps making sure the advert looks professional and represents your salon.


I salute every salon owner that are also hairdressers, HR, educators, recruiters, marketers, stock controllers and many more roles too.


Head over to to see how we can help you too.


Over the next few weeks we will be giving hints and tips on interviewing, teaching, and staff retention.


Have a fantastic week Emma x

Emma B @JIH