The Hair Do’s and Don’ts – what you can and can’t say in a job advert

After 10 years specialising in recruitment within the hair industry, we’ve seen a lot of job adverts. But did you know, you can’t just say whatever you want in an ad? You might have a really clear idea of the kind of person who’ll fit in at your company, but your ad could break discrimination laws if it discourages certain people from applying.

You mustn’t discriminate in a job advert on the basis of gender, race, religion,
disability, age, pregnancy/maternity, marriage status, sexual orientation or
gender reassignment. For instance:

‘Salesman wanted…’
‘Single professional sought…’
‘Female candidates preferred’

Watch out for gender-specific job titles like ‘salesman’ and ‘manageress’ which could exclude women or men. And be careful of age discrimination – you mustn’t set upper or lower age limits for job applicants, or use words like ‘youthful’, ‘dynamic’ or ‘mature’.
Instead you can rephrase your advert by asking for candidates
with particular experience, skills or knowledge.

You might want to include a statement of commitment to equal opportunities in your ad to show that you welcome applications from everyone.

Now you know what to avoid, but what should you include?

Your advert will need to include:

• Job title, responsibilities and location
• What skills, qualities, qualifications and experience are needed
• What salary, benefits, perks and opportunities are offered
• What’s the next step – who to contact

Most of all, take the opportunity to say what’s great about your company and brand – and that’s how you’ll attract top quality applicants for the job!