Why salary is important in an advert.

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Would you buy a coat without knowing the price? Would order a bottle of wine at a restaurant without looking at the price first? I’m pretty certain the answer would be NO!

Therefore, it’s super important to make sure when advertising jobs you have the salary on the advert. Without the salary, the candidate is making an uneducated decision to see if the role is right for them. It’s similar to advertising a role without the location. They have to be comfortable with the travelling distance. Salary is no different.

How many times have you had an application and thought this is my dream candidate? Only to interview them and find their salary expectation is far higher than is in your salary bracket? This makes the recruitment process much longer and wastes time with unrealistic candidates.

But what if the salary is dependent on experience?.....

Even if the salary is dependent on the experience you will already know your upper limit and on target earnings/ commission structure.

I’ve had this situation recently with a salon owner who said they would pay “whatever it takes” to “get the right talent”.

Fabulous, I said. I have David that’s got 15 years current industry experience and he is looking for a basic salary of £65,000! The salon owner replied, “but the most I would be able to go to is £35,000 basic”.

We were then able to narrow down the search and focus on his ideal candidate. In my 15 years of salon recruitment, I’ve never had a salon that has truly had an open cheque book for basic salaries.


Does advertising a higher salary attract a “better” candidate?

Yes, but if the attracting candidates that you’re not able to fulfil the salary expectations you’re already starting on the wrong foot!

Let’s switch this round if a candidate suggested that were an competent all-round hairdresser but after a few weeks it was obvious that the standard of work was far lower than has first been stated. You would feel extremely disheartened and may look at terminating their contact as they would not be able to fulfil the role.

This is exactly the same for candidates. If salon owners inflate the salary during the interview giving unrealistic expectations ultimately the candidates will look elsewhere for employment. This causes a high level of employees and a negative expensive impact on the business.


Remember these key points.

  • Your vibe will attract your vibe!
  • Always put a lower and upper salary bracket on your adverts
  • Be realistic never advertise a role that is out of reach
  • Be honest on your adverts will attract the best candidates for you!
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