Why I had to change my morning routine!

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My old routine was rubbish! In fact, I did it for so long that waking up was I was like a robot! Before my eyes were even open, I’d be reaching out under the duvet to get my phone beside my bed. Next was the “morning process” I’d scroll through all my social media accounts to see what had changed since I’d last checked, 8 hours ago before putting my phone down to go to bed!

Thereafter, I’d check my emails. But what was that important for me to have to check them before I’d even got out of bed? The answer is simple there wasn’t. Very rarely does a client or candidates email me between the hours of 11 pm to 7 am. So, more time was wasted going through the “sales” emails of offers on products that frankly I didn’t need!

This old “routine” would take about 20 minutes. It added absolutely no benefit to the day whatsoever. Instead of taking control of my mornings, I’d be in a reactive state of mind. On the back of what I may have read or seen.

Being in lockdown and spending more time with my children than ever before changed this far more than I’d ever imagined. The first morning back in the "office" after the 1st lockdown. I reached out for my phone as I always did before getting out of bed when my daughter walked in. “Oh no,” she said. Does this mean we can not talk to you until you do your “work”? This one statement made me realise that I’d become a total robot. I needed to change my morning routine to one that was productive and positive.

I thought, what if I could take control of my thoughts and set up the day precisely how I wanted it! Waking up and feeling energised. Instead of sluggish, fearful and worrying about posts I’ve missed overnight. So I DID it!! I changed. Although wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Because when your breaking a habit of over 10 years that’s never going to be easy.

My mornings are relaxing. I have gained so much more time. I have breakfast with my children! Something I’d never done before in the week. I’m able to get ready relaxed and know that I’ve got my to-do list set up from the previous day. It's so lovely to be able to feel in control of my day. For me, this has been hugely beneficial. Selfcare is so important. Looking after yourself is essential to be successful in all areas of your life. You don’t need to be accessible 24/7 to be the best recruiter.

What I do think is you need to give 100% to the "right now". Be present instead of being there in person but not in mind!

Emma x


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