The Hair Lounge


From the moment you step into The Hair Lounge, it is unlike any other salon. As soon as you walk through the door, you are able to sense the welcoming atmosphere and can see the luxury environment, with all the high-end finishing that you would expect to find in a Knightsbridge salon. 

Here at The Hair Lounge, we are primarily well-trained hairdressers who have the ability of putting those with insecurities at ease. At time, we are similar to ‘counsellors’, but often the conversations are all very positive. As the clients return for appointments, we hear about changes in their lives as they gain back confidence they have lost due to hair loss and feeling isolated. We have small private social media groups for them to chat freely with each other, which eliminates the isolation which they have felt for a long time. 

Also, we allow plenty of time for each client and can offer privacy for each of them should they wish. The salon is set up with a very relaxed, intimate environment unlike most hair salons which are noisy and busy.

We understand that this work is strictly confidential and that the salon is very discreet. We all can show empathy, allowing the client to feel at ease which often allows people to open up knowing that they are never judged. Our fundamental belief is we can help people and make them happy. This makes our niche field incredibly rewarding daily.