Recommend a Salon Terms and Conditions

Here at Jobs in Hairdressing we are committed to providing an excellent service. We believe in transparency, which is why it is important that you read our terms and conditions carefully. They explain our responsibilities to you and vice versa.

1. JobsInHairdressing (JIH) will give the person who recommends a salon (the referrer) a £5 Amazon e-voucher (there is no cash alternative) per recommendation, subject to a maximum of 50 recommendations.
2. The referrer will only be eligible to receive vouchers for recommendations once the salon has paid to advertised their job on JIH . Not in conjunction with any other offer.
3. The referrer is only entitled to a voucher if the person they recommended pays the full price per advert.
4. JIH reserve the right to change the type of voucher the referrer receives at their absolute discretion.
5. The company providing the voucher may impose their own terms and conditions as to the voucher and JIH have no liability as to how those terms and conditions operate.
6. Amazon e-vouchers, it is the referrers responsibility to keep secure the unique code that is provided to the referrer to enable them to redeem the value of the voucher. JIH have no liability for any loss arising as a result of the referrer’s inability to redeem their voucher resulting from a failure to keep the unique code secure.
7. As an alternative to sending the referrer a voucher JIH will be happy to award an equivalent amount to a nominated registered charity if requested to do so by the referrer.
8. The referrer will only be eligible to receive a voucher when they recommend someone who paid and added a job in JIH website.
9. Where someone is recommended who is not known to the referrer, or is known by them but has not given permission to be contacted. JIH will not reward the referrer for the recommendation.
10. If the referrer recommends more than one person who is not known to them or has not given permission to be contacted, JIH will withdraw the recommend a friend scheme for the referrer immediately and they will not be eligible to receive any further vouchers. In such circumstances JIH may also choose not to honour the existing recommendations made by the referrer.
11. Where the referrer has recommended someone, who is not known to them or who hasn’t given permission to be contacted, they may be considered to be operating an unauthorised claims management business which is an offence under the Compensation Act 2006.
12. JIH reserves the right to withhold issuing of the vouchers for a recommendation where the referrer is outside of payment terms.
13. JIH will not accept recommendations through this scheme if the referrer is a business. Recommendations are only accepted from individuals who are not in business. However if you are a business, please contact us as we may be able to enter a different agreement with you.
14. In the event that a recommendation is duplicated by two referrers, JIH will award vouchers to the referrer who made the recommendation first. In the event that this is impossible to verify, the vouchers will be split equally between the referrers.
15. JIH reserves the right to withdraw the Recommend A Friend Scheme at any time and without notice. In such circumstances, all recommendations notified to JIH at the point of withdrawal of the scheme would be honoured but the referrer would not be entitled to receive a voucher for any recommendations after that point.

If there is anything within the terms and conditions that you are not sure about, please call us on 0800 009 6152 and a member of our team will be happy to help you.