Are we destroying the hair industry from the inside?

There seems to be a high divide in our hair industry regarding recruitment. I’ve spoken to many salon owners at various events around the country and have been honoured to have been invited to speak on stage. This is the main reason for me setting up the awareness campaign of #ChooseHair and


The negative salon owner:

These are the people that have “been there” and “done it” the ones that have been in business for many years but cannot understand why they are now struggling. When you speak to them they mainly focus on who’s “fault” it is ….the high street, manufacturers, schools, colleges, the minimum wage, industry press, regulation…the list goes on.


Without doubt each one of these have been a contributing factor BUT what are they, as salon owners, doing to move with the times? These salon owners join together in online forums to point the finger. Once the momentum gets going it’s a dangerous situation that it seems this is the norm and everyone feels the same way. These people often refer themselves as the REALISTIC ones…but I’m not sure.


The Positive salon owners:

These are the ones that face EXACTLY the same issues within the industry as the negative salon owners, but they approach the issues in a very different way. They educate themselves more, visiting industry events, schools and forums, absorbing as much information and educating themselves either online or face to face. These owner don’t “know it all” far from it – but they are the ones that are constantly learning in order to strive to change and adapt with the industry .


It’s very obvious from social media which group a salon will fall into.


The Social Media divide…….


The positives

Share content of events they attend

Like other hairdresser’s posts giving support

Run charity events

Enter industry competitions

Share their work and formulas

Affiliated to a colour brand

Work with a salon coach/mentor

Invest in educating their team

Embrace social media


The negatives

Moan about no shows

Ask “how much should I charge” – not knowing their own worth

Complain about the industry education providers

Think all millennials are lazy and want everything on a plate…

Blame everyone but themselves

Express how expensive industry events are



Some may agree and some may not, but this is not just an issue in the UK its worldwide.


We are here to support your recruitment needs as salon owners . If you would like to make a positive start by placing your advert on the industry website, we will support you to make sure you get the candidates you need. I don’t claim to have all the answers at all . I too am constantly educating myself and changing with the industry.


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